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Clarence H. Mackay, Harbor Hill and the Postal Telegraph
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The purpose of this web site is to preserve a bit of fading history and to serve as a means for exchanging historical information concerning:
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1.  Clarence H. Mackay (1874-1938), family man, sportsman, business man, and patron of the arts.
2.  Harbor Hill (1898-1938), 648 acre Mackay estate, Roslyn, New York.
3.  Commercial Cable Company (1883-1988).
See John Crellin's site.
4.  Postal Telegraph-Cable Company (1886-1943).
5.  Mackay Radio Company (1925 to 2006).
6.  International Telephone and Telegraph Company (ITT) (1923 to 1997).
7.  Art, Arms and Armor and Tapestry Collections.
1.  Background

Clarence Mackay

Harbor Hill
Art, Armor & Tapestry

Cable and Telegraph
   - Commercial Cable Co
   - Postal Telegraph Co
   - Mackay Radio Co
Original Telegraph Ads

Timeline (1831-1947)

Local Interest: Roslyn
     - Estate remnants
A Few Old Postcards

Sources & Links
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Mackay Stories
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